Verification at PariMatch



Verification at PariMatch

Verification at PariMatch: why?

PariMatch bookmaker accepts bets online.
With such a partnership with customers, it is especially important to secure accounts and personal data from fraudsters.
For each user to be confident in the state of his gaming account and the honesty of other bettors, there is verification.

PariMatch requires new and returning customers to verify that the details they provide on their forms match up with reality.

How PariMatch verifies

You can be verified either upon registration PariMatch(immediately after filling in all the fields in the questionnaire) or before the first withdrawal.

Often bettors ignore completing all the fields in the questionnaire, which complicates the verification, as well as refuse to upload the documents to the website. However, there is no way around this point, so it is better to prepare for verification in advance.

Consistently complete all fields of the form. If in the course of verification, it turns out that an error was made in the questionnaire, the moderator may block the account until all the circumstances are clarified;
register on the website
attach the scanned copies of the required documents to the appropriate fields. Be prepared for a second request from the moderator or request for other documents; make copies in good time.

As a rule, complaints about how long it takes to verify with PariMatch are due to the reluctance or unwillingness of users to upload documents to the site;

indicate in the form only personal and valid contacts, be in touch to resolve any issues that may arise in a timely manner.

Be prepared for verification if you connect bonus programs or withdraw funds from your account.

How long does it take to verify with PariMatch?


The most common question raised in PariMatch about verification is how long it can take.
The length of time it takes to verify depends on two parameters:

  • the workload of the moderators;
  • The preparation of the bettor himself.

If the user has played fairly, has been working with PariMatch for a long time, completed the application form, timely notification of changes and did not violate the rules, the bookmaker’s office will conduct verification in a few days.

Usually, 3 working days are stipulated.

Verification may take longer if the bettor didn’t attach the documents, doesn’t get in touch and ignores the moderator’s requests.

Recommended! Do not be tied to a specific date when you plan to withdraw money. Due to verification, deadlines may be extended and it may not be possible to withdraw funds from the account until the verification is completed.


How long does it take to verify with PariMatch?


PariMatch verification can cause some difficulties, as identity verification is a serious process that the bookmaker is quite meticulous about. When identifying, the information in the profile must match the data in the uploaded document. As it is only possible to complete the profile once, it is important to take it seriously and not to make any mistakes or misprints.
In case of difficulties, players can contact the support team, which can always meet and solve the problem.

How long does it take to verify

PariMatch won’t be able to answer exactly, but the BK is working on streamlining the procedure and speeding up the process.
The player must meet the age limits stipulated by law. Verification helps to identify underage bettors who have used other people’s documents;

A player is only entitled to one account on the PariMatch platform.
Verification helps to identify “scalpers”, i.e. players who, in the pursuit of big winnings, violate the rules of the betting company and have more than one account;
the bookmaker restricts withdrawals from the account until verification is complete, to make sure that it is the owner of the game deposit who makes the withdrawal request.
This will secure the account against fraudsters taking possession of the bettor’s username and password.
Thus, PariMatch believes that verification is a perfectly justified step, which is primarily useful for bettors themselves.

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How long does it take to verify

Is it possible to bypass verification

Verifying a PariMatch account takes time. Often users do not want to waste it. It is possible to create an account at a bookmaker’s office as well as to bet without verification. But won funds sooner or later will want to withdraw. The security service of the bookmaker’s office will not let you withdraw your money.

You will not be able to do it without your passport and a visit to the companies listed above. If there is no time or possibility to visit the organization for verification – you should play, accumulate funds, and withdraw them in the future.

Increased income and sports betting is available with the Filipino-based betting company PariMatch. Spend some time visiting organisations for verification and you will be able to use the funds on a daily basis. The procedure is uncomplicated and lack of verification will create discomfort and problems


Verification of PariMatch is verification of user data in the system for reliability. First of all, the procedure is necessary to detect fraudulent schemes.
Prepare for the verification. Fill out the form, upload your documents, stay in touch.