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A tennis betting strategy is different from a team sports betting strategy. It is believed that it is easier to predict the outcome of a tennis match than the result of soccer or hockey.

The main advantage of tennis for bettors is practically uninterrupted season. Tournaments take place on different continents regardless of the season. There are a bunch of techniques and practices online that allow, according to their authors, to get an edge over the bookie. But not all of them are so promising, so it is important for the bettor to understand which tennis strategy to pay attention to and which to ignore.

Online tennis betting

Players prefer to make tennis bets in play. That’s the appeal of tennis – at any given minute several tennis matches are being played and there’s always something to bet on in play. Plus, in-play bookmaker opens additional markets to attract new customers.

Strategies of tennis betting

Before the event, the line is balanced – it’s hard to find a worthwhile odds. Tennis is very dynamic, so there are often misalignments in play that are interesting for the bettor. To find valuable odds and mismatches and developed certain techniques for profitable betting on tennis.

Win-win strategies:

  • Break in game;
  • “40-40” – yes/no;
  • Draws in a game;
  • Totals and handicaps;
  • Heads-up Kambak in a set;
  • Even/Odd.

A tennis player who confidently holds someone else’s serve is a good betting option for a break in game. It is possible to understand the form of the player after two or three draws, if our master of reception is all right, why not bet on his break?

Long draws with break points often happen in the confrontation of equal opponents. The odds for the start of the game on the market “40-40 – Yes” fluctuates in the corridor 2.50 – 3.60 – a favorable position for betting.

How to bet on tennis sports by strategy

An almost win-win strategy in betting Parimatch will be a tennis match where there is a clear outsider. Then the score in games rarely reaches the value of 40-40 and this is a great way to enter the market, “40-40 – No.”

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Fans of catch-up betting on the shenanigans in a game. Repeating the selected outcome in each draw is fairly easy, and the odds are often good.

Stand out are the live strategy for tennis totals and handicaps.

Draws of the top-ranked tennis players are delayed up to 13 games in the first set. In confrontations between athletes of different classes the total is rarely more than 10.5.

Equal opponents rarely give up a set with the advantage of more than two games. In matches where the favorite plays with the outsider, minus handicaps in sets and games are good.

Super-strategies on tennis include a favorite’s comeback in a set. Leaders let average players go in the course of a set, and then confidently catch up with them and win. It’s important to distinguish between the slight vacillation of a tennis player from the top 20 ranking and a really weak form.

The percentage of matches with an even total is about 75%. Experienced bettors skillfully operate with statistics in play, which allows betting on even/odd markets.

Profitable home betting strategies in tennis

  • Totals on the main outcome;
  • Handicap on sets;
  • exact score.

Pre-match analysis is enough to determine the likely total of a tennis match. Matches with an obvious favorite rarely break the classic total of 20.5 games. Total more in games of equal opponents is the right bet, which is exploited by experienced bettors.

Duels of top athletes are characterized by persistent struggle and the maximum number of sets and games. A handicap on sets (+1.5) is suitable for matches of equal opponents, a minus handicap for the game “favorite vs. underdog”.

The strategy of tennis betting on the exact score of a tennis match attracts high odds. Determining the probability of an exact score in tennis is easier than in team sports. In confrontations of different class tennis players the outcome “2-0” is popular.

The best tennis betting strategy for beginners

Home betting is a good type of betting on tennis duels. Inexperienced bettor as if instantly oriented in the live, so it is recommended to first practice skills in the prematch.
Many techniques advise scrupulously following specific players or tournaments, so that by becoming an expert in a certain segment, you can beat the bookie in a narrow area. From season to season bettor “leads” his athlete, knowing his characteristics, physical readiness, favorite and disliked opponents, preferred coverage, peaks of form, injuries, downs and ups.

Parimatch website will help you better understand the sport and find successful betting strategies for your favorite sport, which can bring good profit, as well as free tennis forecasts on the website.

Parimatch is your most reliable bookmaker. Place tennis bets and earn money on your decisions.

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