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How to bet on sports at PariMatch: tips for beginners and beyond

How to bet on the site PariMatch: instruction from PariMatch

How to bet on sports: tips for beginners and not only

Most novice bettors think that live betting in bookmakers is a quick and relatively easy way to get rich. But after a series of unsuccessful bets, the enthusiasm disappears and along with it the entire deposit. If you do not want to repeat someone else’s mistakes, make sure you read this article.
Seasoned experts from PariMatch will tell you how to bet and win and do it correctly: you will learn how to analyze sports events, find profitable odds and stay in the black over a distance.

How to correctly start betting on sports in the PariMatch bookmaker office

How to start a game in BK PariMatch

Do not hurry to start betting as soon as you create an account! First you need to understand the basics: understand how an online bookmaker works and learn the terminology of sports betting.
The silliest mistakes made by beginner bettors are related to an incorrect understanding of the terms and notations. And not knowing how to read event line quotes is another shortcut to losing.

We’ll cover it all in detail, so your bankroll won’t melt after a few bets.

In a nutshell: how to bet at the PariMatch bookmaker’s office

Open an account with PariMatch Bookmaker.
Make a deposit and get a welcome bonus. Choose an event and an outcome on which you will make a bet. Make a betting slip and enter the bet amount.
Confirm your bet and wait for the result.

What a beginner needs to know: basic betting concepts

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Before finding out how and where it is best to bet on sports betting, you need to master the terminology.
Let’s start with the basics – the definition of “Bookmaker”.
Once upon a time this word was used to describe people taking bets from gamblers who argue about the outcome of an event. And these disputes did not necessarily concern sports matches.
BK PariMatch is a specialized internet site that accepts money from gamblers who want to bet.
Formally, the bettor is trying to beat the bookmaker, but in fact he bets with other clients of the same office, who bet on the opposite outcome of the event. And the bookmaker is the middleman in these disputes, who takes money from both bettors and then gives the winnings to the winner.

A bet made on the outcome of an event is called a bet.

At PariMatch, players can place different types of bets, depending on the number of outcomes selected.
If one outcome is chosen and the entire bet amount is placed on it, the bet is called a single (“single” or “single”).

Another common bet is called an “express”.
In this case, the betting amount is placed on a number of outcomes included in one betting slip.

The section of the bookmaker’s website in which the bets are placed is called a coupon or basket.
It is in the coupon that the player enters the bet amount and finds out the number of potential winnings.
Coupons BK PariMatch provides functionality for quick registration of bets on a fixed amount of money.

All sports events, the outcomes of which can be bet on, are in the betting line, which is conventionally divided into pre-match (bets before the event) and in-play (bets during the event).
The main line, which includes the most popular events from the world of sports, is placed on the main page of the PariMatch website.
The main line usually offers the main outcomes – the victory of the first team, a draw, the victory of the second team.

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How to bet on sports at PariMatch: tips for beginners and beyond

By clicking on any sporting event you can open the spreadsheet.
This term means all the outcomes (markets, markets) within one match, on which the bookmaker accepts bets. The more outcomes are available for betting, the more varied the spread and the wider the bookmaker’s line.
Beginners are advised to bet on the main outcomes.

All outcomes of a sporting event are accompanied by numbers, often in the form of decimals.
These figures are called odds, and they indicate the probability of winning when betting on a particular outcome. The smaller the number, the higher the probability of winning a bet, but the smaller the number of potential winnings.

Types of sports betting

Result of a match

This is the simplest, clearest and most popular betting option, where a player bets on a winning one of the participants (teams) or on a draw (if the rules state so).

Double chance

This type of betting is similar to the main outcome in many ways, only it is less risky. A player can bet on double results

Total over/under


Best win

Total is the total of goals, corner kicks, yellow cards and other stats that have a quantitative form. The most common bets are total goals scored by one or both teams, at the end of a half or in a whole match.


A handicap is an artificial handicap that a bookmaker gives or takes away from a team. For example, betting on a clear favourite to win the match would be unprofitable because of the low odds. However, betting on a negative handicap of the same favourite is possible at more attractive odds. A handicap (-2.5) means that 2.5 goals are taken away from the favourite before the start of the event. And the odds are winning if the favourite wins by 3 goals or more.

Exact score

A very difficult market to predict is always accompanied by high odds. Even very good analytics won’t help, as any sporting event is too unpredictable. In the list these outcomes have a standard form 0:0, 1:0, 1:1, 2:2 and so on.


Betting on these markets involves predicting the outcome of the first half and the match as a whole. They look like P1/P1 (the first team wins in the first half and the match), P1/P2 (the first team wins in the first half and the second team wins by results of the match) X/P1 (the draw in the first half and the first team wins by results of the match) and so on.

Asian total

Not every bookmaker has a lot of Asian totals in their betting line-up. The odds for the Asian total, in contrast to the regular ones, contain quarters after integers (1.25; 1.75; 2.25; 2.75, etc.). Such total includes two nearest outcomes: for example, betting on the total over 1.25 includes the outcomes TB 1 and TB 1.5. If the match ends 1-0, the bookmaker will return half the bet amount to the player. In the case of a 1-1 score, the bet will be the winner, as both a TB 1 and a TB 1.5 will be played.


Types of sports betting


This is the most common bet where the bettor only bets on one selected outcome regardless of the market. It can be a bet on the main outcome, total, handicap or even an exact score.


In this type of betting the bettor bets on two or more outcomes in one package. The odds of the individual outcomes are added together. Parlays are very attractive for new bettors, but they cannot be considered a bargain. Apart from the odds, the bookmaker’s margin is also added.


A system bet is a multi-fold bet involving several selections. Unlike a traditional Parlay, this bet can be played even if some selections do not play. A system must include at least three selections. Let’s take an example: we select four outcomes in different events on the line and add them to the betting slip. If the functionality of the online bookmaker allows you to form a system, choose this type of betting. Our 3 out of 4 bet will win if three of the four selections are played.

Using the above tips from BK PariMatch you can easily bet on sports and be a winner!

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